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Serving community since 1987 started with small Ultrasound unit as time goes by we added World Class Clinical Laboratory, having the 24 hours facilities with your wishes and dedications of our team.

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How to select Diagnostic Lab for lab tests?

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 How to select Diagnostic Lab for lab tests?

Many of us have come across the experience of going for diagnostic tests again. It was because results were wrong or health experts doubted the efficiency of results. Diagnostic test results that are wrong are a costly affair from the perspective of money and health.  Avoid such aversive consequences by becoming wise when it comes to selecting the diagnostic labs. Consider the following points that can help you opt for a reliable diagnostic lab.

Collection of samples for diagnostic test

Technicians collect samples for further diagnostic procedures. Make sure that technicians are experienced and skilful. For collecting blood samples, they should know the process, location before inserting the needle. Pumping blood from a vein affects the quality of the specimen, which in turn affects blood culture results and reports. Urine sample collection needs a container to be clean and moisture-free and maintained under a specific temperature.

Accurate Documentation

Maintaining accurate records is another essential step. Information Recording and Maintenance should be with precision. Electronic records of patient information should be well organized and synchronized that reduces the probability of error.

Handling the sample

There is a need to maintain accurate temperature conditions, the hygiene of containers so that external factors do not play a role in causing wrong laboratory results. The time between a sample taken and till it goes to into the lab matters a lot.

Use of Latest Technologies and educational qualification of the technologist

Better technologies assure more accurate and effective results. Therefore one should opt for lab using accurate and modern types of equipment and techniques. The medical council of India has set the educational qualifications of the technicians conducting tests. A person should be aware of it and check for it when going for a diagnostic test.


Alfa Imaging and Diagnostic Lab fulfils all conditions that make us the first choice for many of our patients across the state.

Alfa Diagnostics offers preventive health check-up packages and much more. Our health care center with a team of highly skilled doctors, technologists, medical experts and trained staff provides all these services under one roof with accurate results.

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